Michael V. Lewis Founder/CEO of RealD

RealD Founder and CEO Michael V Lewis

Michael V Lewis- an American entrepreneur, a prominent media, technology and entertainment investor, and CEO of RealD 3D technology.

Michael is the co-founder of RealD Inc, a global licensor of modern 3D visuals and technology, and the biggest 3D cinema platform in the whole world. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and an honorary Chairman of RealD Inc. since its inception in 2003.

Michael V Lewis has won several awards in the movie technology scene. He accepted a Vanguard Award from the Producer’s Guild of America in 2011, a Special Achievement Award for Motion Picture Technical Contributions in 2013 at ShowEast trade show and was given the title as one of the “Innovative Voices” in Hollywood in 2005.

michael v lewis

Early Life and Education

Michael Lewis was born on July 6, 1963 in Puerto Rico. He was the only child; his father worked in real estate while his mother worked as flight attendant and linguist for Pan-Am Airways.

Michael became attracted to the entertainment scene at the early age of 14 while watching Star Wars numerous times. He completed primary education and graduated at the University of Florida; Michael’s first foray into the movie industry was as a production assistant in About Last Night, a film starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore.

Career Path and Business


Michael held a role as Senior VP in InterMedia/Film Equities, an advisory and investment banking company prior to starting his own company. He worked on advanced advisory services and investment banking transactions for distributors, film exhibition companies, international broadcasting studios, major film houses and independent production firms, new technology businesses and publishing companies.


L-Squared Entertainment

Mr. Lewis held a role as co-founder and CEO of L-Squared Entertainment from 1993 to 2001 before creating RealD Inc. L-Squared is a premier digital studio for entertainment, specializing in utilization of new entertainment technologies and special effects.

The company is lauded for the way new PC-generated film technology was used in the movie Virtuosity. Lewis acted as producer for the 3D IMAX picture Siegfried and Roy, which won a Best 3D Picture Award in 1999. He was also co-producer of the 3D film T-Rex Back to the Cretaceous.

RealD Inc.

Michael V. Lewis co-founded RealD Inc, a visual entertainment and 3D technology company in 2003. The headquarters is mainly located in Beverly Hills, California with offshoot offices located around the world- Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, London and in Boulder. The studio’s first 3D film work can be found in Disney’s 2005 animated movie Chicken Little.

RealD Inc has evolved to become the world’s biggest 3D platform for modern films and cinema, with their technologies used in more than 27,000 screens spanning across more than 70 countries. The number of viewers who have seen a RealD Inc. 3D-featured film number more than 1.5 billion people. Michael Lewis is known for being an executive producer for critically-acclaimed films such as Carmen and Madam Butterfly in 3D, using RealD’s entertainment platform.

RealD Inc. is given the title of a global force when it comes to innovative 3D film technology by Fast Company magazine and is now available for public trading in the stock market since 2010. New York Stock Exchange lists RealD Inc. under the symbol RLD.

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