Woocommerce Tutorial – Is it the best way to sell online?

With technology as advanced as it is, there are numerous ways someone can start an ecommerce store online. Which leaves people wondering, how do I create an ecommerce website in wordpress? Which medium should I use to create my online store? Which one is best? How much do they cost?


Well today we are going to shed some light on this, we are going to be looking at the wordpress plugin woocommerce. It is a free to use plugin. Woocommerce is very user friendly software that allows even the utmost beginner to begin selling online instantly.

But even with such turn key software, sometimes, some people may need more guidance, which is okay. The good thing is that we live in 2016, and things like youtube exist. On these mediums of shared expression, we can find tutorials for almost anything online. And woocommerce happens to be one of them. We have managed to find an excellent beginner friendly tutorial, that we think will help you a lot. Let us know what you think and best of luck selling!

New Online Tech – Creating A Wix Website

Ever since the invention of the internet, technology has been rapidly evolving. The internet started out as a very complicated place that many people were clueless about. But slowly and surely the internet has become more user friendly, allowing for a much wider group of people to create their own content online.

One of these content creation softwares is called Wix. Wix allows even the absolute beginner to create a stunning professional looking website. But even with the most user-friendly softwares, sometimes they can still be confusing to use at first.

how to use wix

But luckily for everyone online, there are countless wix tutorials for beginners that you can find all along youtube.

It’s important to have a teacher and to have guidance when you are just starting out on a new online venture, and creating a wix website is no different. Besides, allowing someone else to show you the initial steps will only save you time!